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Intelligent Fiber is an absorbent nano-material that can capture multiple variations of toxins, breaking them down into non-toxic compounds. When impregnated into a base material, the material can be tuned to turn colors based on chemical detection and will self-decontaminate with exposure to UV radiation or direct sunlight. The material can be adopted and used to create breathing masks, adsorption rags, and air filters for commercial air handle. Our initial application is in creating marine bilge pumps to mitigate oil spill risk, but market and application expansion in air filtration and personal protective equipment is expected in 2020-2021.

We adapted this technology to address the COVID-19 crisis by providing a solution to easily convert standard masks into higher performing masks, capable of collecting finer materials, including the COVID-19 virus itself. The nanofiber in question adheres to most surfaces, even glass, by applying it through a cost-effective spray system. Through such a system, we can adhere our material to any low-grade filter and vastly improve its performance and capacity to keep the individuals from coming into direct contact with the pathogen.

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